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Keira Derithium


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Jun 28 2015, 07:37 PM
Keira looked and saw her older half brother,Blazh. She smiled a little and sat back down on her bed for a moment at least. She looked at him as he walked over and came over to sit at the bed next to her. Quietly as he take she started to take her black combat boots off quietly and then set them aside for a moment.

Upon him say hey Lil sis she looked up at him. She listened as he asked how she was. "well I've been good....up until I come here at's somewhat er...uh Lonely..."Keira said moving her hair behind her ear. She looked at him "I mean I'm not complaining I'm used to be lonely but Iran it's unsettling at night" She said. "besides that I'm doing good"The Daughter of Hades said.

" are you big brother?"She asked as she leaned back some. She used her hands to somewhat prop herself some. She looked at Blazh quietly waiting for his response. But then she added"I'm not little" She said. She had a small height complex and obviously seeing as she was only 5 1 and a half she had every reason to.
Jun 27 2015, 03:00 PM
It was a long day and now was afternoon. Keira walked to the Hades Cabin quietly pulling her jacket over her shoulders more quietly as she walked to the cabin. She sort of enjoyed just being in the Hades cabin. To her it had become her permanent home for now at least. The daughter of Hades really knew she didn't have anywhere to stay if she left camp during the school time let alone any family besides her half siblings.

As she walked inside the cabin she found it empty which was usual for her. She usually walked on earlier. Though it was somewhat expected to be empty. She never actually stayed with her older half brother. As she remembered the Cabin leader ,or she thought she remembered she could have had the wrong information, stayed in a separate Cabin just like they sat at a different table. She sighed, she sometimes found it somewhat lonely when she did come to the cabin seeing as her,her older half brother and if she remembered right there was a half sister she had in the Hunters of Artemis group. Though she sighed as far as she knew she was the only one staying in the actual cabin.

With a sigh she peeled her leather black jacket off and set it to the side on her bed. Silently she sat on the bed and glanced around the cabin. She got lost in her own thoughts for a moment before she heard someone enter the cabin. She for a moment blinked, no one almost ever entered the cabin. So curiosity got the better of her and she stood moving her dark hair behind her ears before looking to see who came into the cabin.
Jun 16 2015, 12:51 PM

Keira Lilian Derithium-15 years old-Hades-single

Friends: Keira really need friends. Though she won't opened up easily because of her past. She new despite her arrival to camp with her being unconscious cause of somewhat big lion like claw wounds going from her arm down her shoulder and some of her back. Though as I said she needs friends for sure because she's still somewhat going through a lot.

Enemies:Even though she's going through a lot it's always possible for her to have enemies.

Lover:She wouldn't exactly think if something such as love because she to scared to even to open up to anyone but this is open for anyone to try and get her to open up.Though once you are able to get to know her and get her to open up she is very kind and somewhat happy.
Jun 16 2015, 12:28 PM
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<div class="base"><div class="hover">Power one: Scary Face
Power two: Hades Dwelling
Extra [must buy or dice roll gave it too you]:</div></div></div>[/dohtml]
Jun 16 2015, 12:00 PM
[color=9b6689]Eisley , India[/color] &bull; Keira Derithium<BR>
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