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Tina Loveleaf


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Jun 27 2015, 03:29 PM
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<div class="base"><div class="hover"><div style="text-align: center;"><p><p><p>Tagg: Kai and Artemis// Outfit</div></div></div>
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Tina got up from her bed at the Artemis cabin. She looked around and sighed. All her "sisters" were asleep right now. She had packed her stuff with Kain last night/afternoon, after she told him she was thinking of leaving them. She left a note for Taylor telling her if she wanted to be the leader she could. She had packed all her stuff other than her hunter's outfit and put it all under her bed. She would miss this cabin, it was nice and silver. The wolves had their own little beds next to their hunter's bed. Tina had not seen her wolf sense yesterday but it didn't matter, she wouldn't see if again past today. She would lose the silver aura around her and everything.
Tina would be a normal camper by the end of the day. She got dressed in clothes she left out the day before and wrote a note to Kain. She got up and went over to where his cabin was. She walked in an put the note on his face and then smacked his chest not hard but hard enough to wake him up then she ran out of the cabin and into the woods to wait for him. After he got her she would call upon Artemis to come. The note she put on Kain's face basically said to meet her in the woods. </div></center>[/dohtml]
Jun 13 2015, 07:34 PM
A picture of her wolf companion

Jun 13 2015, 03:50 PM

So as you all know Tina had a full brother growing up who was older. So I kinda want someone to make him again!! Only he is an incarnation of her older brother! So he would have a different last name now but I think he should have this memory of like a girl with red hair from way back when. XD like ugh!!! Her older brother ran away with her when the kingdom turned against her after finding out she was a bastard child. Of course so would he have been the same but they didn't know that there was a prince. Seeing as how he was head of the knights and her trainer. So I mean maybe he has a dream every night about running away with her and she is the only thing that is vivid about the dream. So like when he meets her at camp he doesn't think that it's her until he doesn't have the dream anymore then he knows he found the girl. Only he does not know who she is or why she is here. He doesn't know if she was his girlfriend, best friend or sister. The boy above is Jacky Vincent but it can be anybody honestly

Tina took interest in this one female who got her heart broken before. So the girl became a hunter. And in Tina's years she has seen girls who became a hunter after a heartbreak tend to break their vow so Tina keeps an eye on this one girl. The girl trusts Tina with her life so if she was to fall in love again Tina would be the first to know. I think this girl would have been a hunter for about 40 years or so. Maybe less but still the girl has not been one for a very long time like Tina has. So I mean anything is up to the maker. including the face claim. Her name in the app is Sara but can be changed. The fc is Sophie turner but can be anybody.
Jun 13 2015, 02:42 PM
Outfits <3
Camp outfits
Jun 11 2015, 07:51 PM
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<div class="merc_threads3">for open / ### words</div></div>
<div class="merc_threads4">I like doing what she likes</div>
<div class="merc_threads5">Tina had gotten up very early this morning not really needed to do anything specific. She was just used to getting up early because when she went out with the hunters she tried to get everyone up early so they could have more daytime to hunt. That was their thing, they hunted all day and just traveled around with each other. They hunter monsters mostly, didn't hunt much of anything else. Some of the male species tended to try and think that the girls had sex with each other and relationships with each other. The rules were, if you fell in love you were no longer a hunter. That included females in Tina's eyes. She had not seen any of the girls fall for another girl which was good.
Tina got some training clothes on which was a sports bra, shorts, boots, and boxing gloves. She liked to practice with her fists if nobody else was awake. It made her stronger and tougher. What was to happen if she didn't have a weapon with her. True hunters could call upon a bow and arrow upon will but what if she needed a close range weapon. She needed her fists so she trained while nobody was awake. She jogged to the arena and took a practice dummy out and placed it in the middle of the arena.
Tina started punching it never staying still while she fought. Soon she stated landing kicks on it. She never got tired very often so when she laid in her cabin at the end of the day she passed out. She refused to pass out on her own accord. So if anything a fellow hunter would take her to a Morpheus kid and make Tina sleep. It was a normal thing for the girls. It didn't matter really if Tina slept to her. She could do her work just as well as if she had not slept in a week versus just waking up that morning. Tina had not noticed another person in the arena yet and she wouldn't unless that person came up to her. </div>
</div><div class="merc_cred"><a href="">merc</a></div>
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