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Alicia Lovegrove

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Alicia Lovegrove

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<b>-Dauntless:</b> Alicia is a very brave person; not much is able to scare her. She will do about almost anything, which includes jumping out of a building. Alicia will go out of her way to prove something is right, and she won't ever go down without a fight. If she hates something she will hate it for the rest of her life. She doesn't forgive people very easily and after you've left her heart there is almost no way to get back in. Once she's closed her heart off to you, you can't and won't be able to get back in. Even if you spent years trying you wouldn't even get close. This causes her to have not many people that she can actually trust; which leaves her a little bitter towards those she still has left. She would jump into a flaming building in order to save someone she cares about. She has no bad feelings towards killing an innocent; if it is needing to happen she will do it.
<b>-Candor:</b> Alicia will tell you the way she feels. She won't lie to you in order to spare your feelings; to be honest she doesn't even care about them. Unless you are close and important to her, she won't care about your feelings. She also has almost no filter so she will say the first thing that comes out of her mouth. If you ask her how something looks she will tell you the truth even if you ask her for a lie. Say you asked how a dress looked and Alicia told you it looked horrible. So when you ask her to tell you a lie she will tell you it looks good. Because to her it’s the truth to the lie you wanted. Meaning it looks horrible. She doesn't like to lie and finds it very annoying when people lie to her. She will hurt anyone who tries to lie to her, which people have done in the past.

Zeus meet Alicia's mother while she was working to become a flight attendant. Her mother loved the sky and found comfort in it. Her mother was in a college class the first time she met Zeus. They talked for a little bit in class before they started to go on dates. She didn't know that he was a Greek god though and well she fell in love with him. He fell for her, and they started to date. Alicia's mother and Zeus had been dating for three months before she informed Zeus she was Pregnant. Zeus was excited to be having a new child of his own. Nine months late Alicia was born, and Zeus had to tell her mother who he really was finally. He also told her of all the trouble their child might get into, being a big three kid. Her mother wasn't upset more so surprised. She didn't think for one second she could have grasped the attention of a god. He had to leave the two behind even though he didn't want to at all. Alicia and her mother had to move to her grandmother’s house in America, South Florida to be specific.
As Alicia grew up, it was very hard for her to make friends. It wasn't that she didn't want to, more like no one wanted to be her friend. They all thought Alicia was weird, and nobody wanted to be a part of that. She was able to make one friend in second grade. One day though in school they were outside for recess and a monster attacked Alicia. She didn't understand what was going on, and her friend got in the way. The monster took her friend and left the school. Alicia ran home scared for her life, and her mother had to move and switch her schools. Alicia still had a hard time making friends; An even more difficult time making them because she was afraid of what might happen. She had this crush in fifth grade, but it didn't go very far because he didn't talk to her.
In middle school, Alicia was able to make friends easier. This one boy she befriended taught her how to draw better than she could. He gave her tips, and he even protected her when people tried to bully her. She was thankful to have him especially because he was so kind to her. They ended up dating once, and she had a lovely time. They went on dates; mostly to the movies or the skating rink. She was only a naive twelve-year-old. She didn't know what love was; she only thought she did. They had to break up though in seventh grade because his mother didn't like Alicia. The main reason why his mother didn't like her was that she was white. Her boyfriend happened to be a black guy, but this was the only black guy she dated.
When she was halfway through seventh grade, another smaller monster attacked her. Thankfully Alicia outran it, and the monster didn't hurt anyone; although she had to end up switching school again. The first week of this new school a satyr found her and told her about camp. He also told her of another girl in the school named Samantha who was an Ares demigod. Alicia ends up befriending this girl, and they became magnificent friends. She kept this friend the rest of seventh and eighth grade. The first summer Alicia went camping half-blood; Samantha and her satyr friend ended up bringing her. At first, Alicia only goes camping for the summers, not all year round like some campers do. Within the first week of being at camp, Alicia was claimed and moved to the Zeus' cabin. She is was one of the only ones in that cabin, as her father did not have many demigod children.
High school comes around, and Alicia ends up making, even more, friends this time around. She even meets a nice guy who has long black hair; his name is Alex. He was dating someone already, but he still protected Alicia. Alicia knew Alex was a demi-god because she saw him around camp. Alex protected her from the bullies, and when she wouldn't eat lunch, he made her eat so she wouldn't get sick. He cared about her more than as a friend, but he didn't do anything about it. Both of them didn't act on feelings because they were dating other people. Alicia ended up breaking up with him because her boyfriend had feelings for some other girl. Alicia was angry and ended up cursing him; not cursing him, more swearing at him. She hated him since then, and Alex was there to comfort her. When Alicia turned seventeen, a monster attacked her and Alex. Alicia and Alex killed the monster together and had to run back to camp. She didn't want to, but she knew that she would have to. Alex told her how he felt about her, and Alicia just stood there. She didn't know how she felt about him, though; she didn't know if he was just a friend or more.
Alicia had to start staying at camp year round; while she did this she kept trying to avoid Alex. Alicia missed being near Alex when she was avoiding him. She just had no idea how she felt about him at all. Alicia tried her hardest to keep her training up, so she was distracted all the time. When she was not training though, she was in the stables taking care of the Pegasus in there. She would talk to them and tell them what was going on. One of the reasons she is happy animals can't talk to people. Unless a son or daughter of whoever had the ability to speak to the animal. Alicia spent all the time thinking about how she was going to tell Alex how she felt.
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