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 Cabin Leaders
 Posted: Jun 8 2015, 03:13 PM


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Cabin leaders
Cabin leaders are campers who speak for their cabin. They are in charge of everything and have to make sure that the cabin cleaner cleans the cabin before inspections. At this moment we are only accepting one for each cabin other than the minors which will have one boy and one girl. This is until we get more members then we will have a cabin leader assistant who will take over when the cabin leader leaves.ONE PER MEMBER

Zeus Cabin Leader: Open

Poseidon Cabin Leader: Open

Hades Cabin Leader: Open

Athena Cabin Leader: Open

Aphrodite Cabin Leader: Open

Ares Cabin Leader: Dean Limark

Apollo Cabin Leader: Open

Dionysus Cabin Leader: Open

Hephaestus Cabin Leader: Open

Hermes Cabin Leader: Open

Leader of the Hunters: Taylor Rockwell

Demeter Cabin Leader: Open

Minor female: Open

Minor male: Brandon Mason - Eris

[b]Years at Camp:[/b]
[b]Anything Else:[/b] Optional

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