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INTJ - The Architect

<b>Strengths:</b> Ariel is a quick thinker. She can come up with a plan or something to say in a few seconds. Just give her five minutes for a plan and shes got one. She needs to be a quick thinker for when she is stealing stuff. She needs to be able to come up with a different plan if something goes wrong. Ariel is an independent women. She hates having to depend on others for something she needs. She likes to do things her way and make sure nothing gets messed up. Ariel likes to keep an open mind when getting new input. She is always open to comments on how to do something or some other topic. While she may not always do the suggested she does like to have that input.
<b>Weakness:</b> Some people would tell you that Ariel is over confident. When the job gets easy Ariel becomes really confident. She brags about what a good job she did and she goes into every job thinking its going to be easy. She brags about her looks as well and all her tattoos. She thinks they are amazing and they tell her story. There is one tattoo she never shows anyone and that's on her lower left back. There are times when Ariel will start over thinking everything. If she is stuck between two things or shes having problems she will start looking at everything. Seeing if anything around her can be used. She is thought of as a perfectionist. When she would rob people she would make sure that she had a detailed plan of what their house looked like, and how she would rob them. Ariel can also come of to people as rude. If it is not in the mission to interact with someone she won't do it. She will ignore anyone she feels she needs to ignore. She likes to think of everything she does as a mission and if you are not a part of it, or you are interfering. Ariel will be very rude and come up with ways to hurt your feelings.
<b>Romantic Relationships:</b> Just like in most things, when Ariel sees someone she likes, her brain travels millions of miles per hour. She starts to over think things and tries to come up with the perfect scenario. Ariel will never fall head over heals for someone, being that she doesn't think its healthy. She has to get to know someone first before she even thinks about dating them. She is clueless in romance and she wouldn't know what to do for the other person. Emotions are her weak spot, if she is faced with someone's emotions she wont know what to do. She is only able to handle her own emotions so dealing with someone else's is not her favorite thing in the world. Get passed all her worrying and she is actually a really loyal girlfriend.
<b>Friendships:</b> Now even though friends are easier for Ariel to make, she does suffer from the same draw backs. She doesn't know how to deal with people's emotions is the major draw back. She likes making friends and when she does make a friend shes a loyal friend. Unless she was being your friend to get something from you, then she won't be all that loyal. Ariel likes to make sure all her friends are happy for the most part. She doesn't care if she does something and it upsets you because she thinks everyone should be open minded. It won't keep her up at night knowing that she upset you. Ariel is very good at being able to fake being someone's friend if it benefits her.

"A heart made of stone, callous and bone"

Ariel's father was the leader of a very well known gang in New York. Her mother was the Greek Titan Rhea, who was also the mother to Zeus and Hera. Rhea never told Ariel's father who she was though, so Ariel would never know she was a demi titan. Ariel grew up like a normal child, other than the fact her father was a gang leader. This put great influence on Ariel and she wanted to be better than her father. Her father's gang members would sometimes steal from poor people and they would strike fear into people. Ariel hated that its what her father did and she didn't know what she could do to help.
"Fracture and tear it out, to let it go"

As she went to school she made less and less friends. The one's she made didn't want to stay her friend when they found out who her father was. So she kept losing friends and trying to make new ones. When she was in third grade she only had one friend, and he had been her friend since kindergarten, his name was Timothy. He didn't care that her father was a gang leader at all, he just wanted her happy. She didn't know that he was a demigod, and he didn't tell her. That was the one secret that he kept from her and she didn't even know. Ariel was a straight A student and most of the time she would lock herself in her room all night after school so she could do her homework. She didn't get ahead like some of the other smart students, she didn't have time to do that.
"And to think, I called it my own"

Once Ariel was in middle school she started to read up on different kinds of safes. Her father wanted her to help come up with plans for his people. She hated doing it and it took over her school work. Thankfully her best friend was still her best friend, and he helped her with the school work. She kept her straight A's even through all the stress. During Seventh grade this boy was dared to kiss Ariel and when he did Ariel slapped the boy. She didn't like the kiss and she really did not want him near her. She stepped back when she saw that the boy was angry but she stepped right into the back of a locker. He took a step towards her and she put her hand out touching his arm. She kept asking him in a calm voice not to hurt her and kept saying please. Every time she asked him to not hurt her it looked like he was fighting with himself to calm down.
"And I would have never thought, the pain could grow"

Soon the boy was calm and told Ariel he was sorry. Ariel was confused but when she took her hand off his arm; his face turned back to anger just in time for Ariel's best friend to come over and punch the other male in the face. The other male was sent to the nurses office while Ariel and Tim were sent to the office. They had to explain what happened and when she told them that the other male kissed her without her telling him he could, they understood. The other male was given a referral for harassment; Ariel and Tim were sent back to class like nothing ever happened. Ariel thanked Tim and he smiled down at her, being he grew taller than her over summer. This was when some monster looking thing came up to Tim and threw him across the hallway into a locker. Ariel screamed and some satyr looking dude came out of a classroom and killed the monster thing. The Satyr was originally there for Tim but stopped at Ariel smelling that she was a demi-titan. The satyr thought she was just a demigod though and when he told Ariel what she might be she just looked at the satyr like he was crazy. She ran away and went home, she never saw Tim again.
"So I'll break it, knowing what you said"

In high school Ariel did not have any more friends, after Tim left her. So she thought about doing some good around town. So instead of going to school she started to steal from rich people. The rich people most of the time were older and she didn't want to involve violence like her father's gang did. When ever her father's men would steal from someone or hurt someone, Ariel would go and give money to the people they hurt. She of course stole the money from the rich people. She felt like she was giving back to her community in a way. She dropped out of high school much to her teacher's and counselors requests not to. She made sure that when she would give back to the people that nobody saw who she really was though.
"The pain is what you make it, sadly you are so mistaken"

So you would hear about the bad things her father's gang did, then hear about a good thing that happened to those same people who were hurt. It was a good thing for Ariel and it gave her the time to right her wrong. She started reading on the different kinds of safes and all sorts of stuff. Ariel stopped helping her father's gang and they became suspicious of her. She tried to stay with her father as much as possible so nobody knew what she was really doing, but someone found out. So they played her into thinking they were stealing from the poor and made up a story about a fake safe. Someone in the gang was talking about a rich house with lots of money in their safe, and Ariel over heard them. She listened for all the info and then she went to scope out the place. When she went in she found the safe, what she found in it was a bunch of jewelry. She took it and was planning on selling it to someone.
"I will take you with a grain, and step into the changes"

When she got out of the house and she made it to the street the cops were waiting for her. She put her hands up and she was found guilty and sentenced to three years in state prison. She had a cell mate who was in for the same type of crime Ariel was in for. They became friends and protected each other when someone would try to fight one of them. Her cell mate got out a year later, and she was given a new cell mate. This time the two did not get along very well and they were polar opposites. Ariel started to get into fights with the other girls and she would try to calm them down with her powers but sometimes it wouldn't work.
[i]"Throw away the empty heart, right now"

When she got out of jail her old cell mate was waiting for her, she helped Ariel get a place to stay and a new job. Sooner or later another satyr found Ariel and she was forced to go to camp this time. Rhea met with her privatly and told her who she was. Rhea told Ariel that she was her mother. It was a surprise to learn that she was actually a demi titan. Rhea never claimed her so Ariel still stays with the Hermes kids.

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